Hotels & Holiday Homes

Hotel, holiday home, family apartment or a villa with a pool? We will help you find the perfect accommodation for your next Madeira holiday!

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The Madeira Experience

Madeira's scenery and beautiful nature attracts tourists from all over the world. Why not experience an unforgettable basket ride in Madeira?

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Hiking & Exploring

Experience the unique landscape of Madeira and go on an adventure hiking along the levadas-trails and many paths the island has to offer.

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Experience Madeira from the comfort of a holiday home

Would you like to spend an unforgettable holiday in Madeira? How about a stay in one of the lovely holiday homes Madeira has to offer. We specialize in the rental of holiday homes and apartments in Madeira and Portugal. Find the perfect holiday home for your Madeira holiday today in our accommodation-database.

Madeira is a popular tourist destination for many Europeans. No matter whether you wish to spend a quiet holiday in a comfortable holiday home or are looking for a hiking adventure, Madeira has something to offer for everyone. There is so much to see and do. When staying in a holiday home in Madeira you can hike through the evergreen moors along the famous levadas or explore the beautiful gardens and the cities of flowers - Madeira gives you the chance to experience something new each day.

Thousands of tourists come to Madeira every year. There is no need to worry about too many tourists though as Madeira is not your typical tourist destination. The nature her is seemingly untouched and there is flora and fauna as far as the eyes can see. There are several reasons why Madeira is so popular. Madeira is not only beautiful to look at though, it also has deep roots in its cultural and historical background.

Many of the older houses in Madeira have been renovated and converted into beautiful, cosy holiday homes. A holiday in Madeira gives you the chance to find your way back to nature without getting bored.